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Wyrd People and Practitioners of Magick:

I’m glad you have found your way to this corner of the interweb.

The comments are always activated and here there are no stupid questions (although perhaps some stupid answers…)

Allow me to introduce myself:

Sammyra Nyx

Sammyra Nyx

I currently live in a small community in a remote valley on a tiny island in the Atlantic Ocean, and I thrive on the introverted pleasures of metaphysical philosophy and personal evolution.

Until not very long ago, I was a vagabond and a squatter by choice and an outcast it seems, by nature.

Early in my travels I realised how important it was for me to leave a food garden behind whenever I moved.

This motivated me to live in community with others, and eventually lead to the planned, unsupervised home birth of a child a few years ago.

Ever since, my lifestyle has been adapting and changing to make room for all the new habits, beliefs and responsibilities which are the blooms of my choices

My personal mission is to help revive our connections to the collective-subconscious and encourage people to live their own truths.

Shaking off fears and old habits can be hard work, but with some loving support from the community, and some honest self criticism, almost anything is possible.

I believe that as strong, independent adults we have the power to shape the world of tomorrow after our wildest dreams, and that we should not settle for less than amazing!

Slowly, I am filling these archives with practical information about herbology and crafting, as well as opinion pieces about metaphysics, ancient pagan lore, and the occult.

If you enjoy my content, help me to keep making it by supporting my artistic endeavours.

Striving to keep this site free from pop-ups and random publicity

Want to know more about what I do?

Prefer to connect with me on another platform?

There is already a great magickal community over on tumblr

I post pics of my projects and the places I live on Instagram

I’m a visual learner so Pinterest is a gold-mine for me. I even have a communal board if you want to share your own magickal blog posts!

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