Manifestation Magick

After years of practice, I feel I have understood the process which permits me to manifest my desires.

(Although, as often as not, being too sure I know how things work is a sure fire way to arrogantly miss some more subtle variables, so, as with all of my opinions on magickal philosophy, this should be taken with a grain of salt.)

Apart from the self development associated with a personal practice, manifestation is usually the physical goal of the magickal craft.


Manifestation, in it’s simplest terms means getting what I want. It is the term I use for the physical effects of a particular vibration or intention.
Any vibration can have multiple physical manifestations – there are always a lot of factors which influence the world around us, and any given vibration will influence the physical universe in a way which seeks harmony with the other forces involved. Working magick to fulfil a desire will have a different physical manifestation depending on the situation into which it is cast.

A lot of my beliefs about magick are based around 5th dimensional reality and “weaving” with the strands of 5th dimensionality to create a 3D path for myself… the 5th dimension(s) I also call the Aether.This is not meant to be a definitive guide, simply a formulation of my personal beliefs and experience at this moment in time.

4 Steps to Manifestation

1. Basically it’s about first realising what I want and accepting that where I am now, I am filled with need. Acknowledging need creates a negative space necessary for something new to fill it. (I find that the more intense this need is felt the less I need to sacrifice to power my manifestations). Acceptance without frustration is the first step. This is also necessary in order to draw energy from the present.

2. Then I project the fulfilment of my need in to the Aether and feel around for a thread which vibrates the same as what I want (I also try to not want physical things but states of being) and I don’t actually visualise threads it’s just easier to explain like that. Then I pull that reality to myself by acting like I have been gifted that thing, but it’s in the mail or something (that is to say, I accept that I don’t have it but I am grateful because it is on it’s way… no worry, no anxiety, no hurry).

  • This is related to the typical “spell phase” –  where I would create a representation of the situation I want to create and enact me bringing it to myself or into the world. For manifestations that require more power or to which I have greater resistance I find that a ritual helps, but it is not always something I do.

3. Next, I have to be attentive to catch situations which vibe with what I want. This is a bit harder to get the hang of because the aether exists beyond space-time so I sometimes find that an action I took in the past was me reacting to this alignment in a subconscious way… to do this well I have to be aligned with myself (not be doubting if I really want or deserve it) and trust my intuition. When it is time to act I have to do so with as little hesitation as possible or the manifestation might come out half baked…

4. Also I usually have to pay some price to work my magick, and I find that making regular sacrifices help this be less painful, if not it usually manifests as something not going as I want or losing or breaking something, or an accident or unwanted situation (something I associate with the archetypes of Loki, and I find that if I can play with these moments and laugh/shrug it off my magick is more powerful than if I get upset at the “bad luck”… but I want to make an altar to sacrifice things to see if I can manipulate this process more (although trial by fire is making me stronger all the time).



If you are interested in manifesting your desires, but feel that you have not had success doing so, I would recommend reading up on magick theory to facilitate the evolution of beliefs necessary to free each of us, in turn, from the limits imposed on us by conditioning.

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