The most common problem of the modern world – lack of alignment


When I say “misaligned”, I basically mean that someone is not connected to their subconscious needs and desires. This can be willing denial or simply unconsciousness. There are millions of reasons why we ignore what we really want or believe, from fear, ignorance, or repression, to social expectations, prejudice, or lack of experience.

This is not a binary thing; there is a huge spectrum of states between “misaligned” and “aligned”. It’s not an on and off type thing. Alignment is a journey, not a destination.

Even though I have passed through states of great personal alignment, I have evolved as I have walked my path, and the actions I must take to fulfil my potential must also change. A momentary hesitation, self-criticism, illusion, unnecessary self-sacrifice, or a silent fear can be all that is necessary to start the spiral into those disconnect moments I find myself asking “how did I end up here again?”

And while looking back can help to unblock hidden fears, alignment is all about the present.

These are some of the symptoms I recognise as signs of  misalignment:

  • Self-doubt
  • Confusion
  • Lack of impulse
  • Pleasure-junky
  • Binge eating/drinking/drugging/sleeping/passive entertainment consuming
  • Self harm
  • Feeling the constant need to control myself (fear of binges or self harm)
  • Fear of my “shadow”
  • Ignoring my emotions
  • Forgetting or wanting to forget my past
  • “Fuck it” attitude
  • Feeling powerless
  • Anxiety
  • Not knowing what path I’m on
  • Unconscious self sabotage
  • Self-destructive behaviour
  • Weak manifestations

But just as quickly as it is lost, alignment can be achieved. In most cases, the biggest hurdle to alignment is the belief that I’m not aligned. The belief that I’m more the person of my past than the person of my greatest ideal. I blame myself for past mistakes, and even deny myself in the present because I think I don’t deserve it.

How to achieve it:

  • Self-Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Self-contemplation
  • Meditation
  • Shadow work
  • Solitude
  • Trial and error

I think the most important thing is to be willing to make mistakes. It’s okay for me to feel bad for having been less than my best self. Even if it was just a moment ago, the power of self reflection returns me to myself.

I can choose to be true to myself in this moment, right now. Even if I have sold myself out in the past, I can face my consequences and return to the path I choose for myself in any moment. Even if I have let fear paralyse me in the past, I can choose to take action now.

There is no harm in making changes to my life only to find out that this wasn’t really for me and having to start over again.

Conscious alignment is a journey, not a destination.


Alignment: The Fundamentals of Personal Evolution


You want to share your experience getting out of a rut or overcoming misalignment?

Your input would help move this article from unverified personal gnosis to a building block of the mythos of tomorrow!

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