0. The Fool

The Spirit of EtherTarot Cover

Creative Light


The root of Moral Responsability is Restriction, which is the Word of Sin. To regain Innocence is to regain Eden.

We must cast out Fear by Love; seeing that every Act is an orgasm. Love is the law; thus every act must be Righteousness and Truth. By certain Meditations this may be understood and established; and this ought to be done so thoroughly that we become unconscious of our Sanctification, for only then is innocence made perfect. This state is a necessary condition to the contemplation of the question “What is my True Will” for until we become innocent, we are certain to try to judge our Will from the outside, whereas True Will should spring, a fountain of Light, from within, and flow unchecked, seething with Love into the Ocean of Life.



  • The condition which precedes creativity in all it’s forms;
  • Creation Myths;
  • Silence;
  • Innocence as freedom from morality
  • Contradiction as Unity



0 = +1 -1: male and female; mother and father. Fertilized ovum is sexless. Identification of the Opposites.

Below the Abyss, contradiction is division; but above the Abyss, contradiction is Unity.

The “Green Man” of the Spring festival. “April Fool”. The Holy Ghost: personification of the mysterious influence that produces the phenomena of spring.

The fool stirs within all of us the return of spring.

The Dove: bird of Venus (Isis, Mary) and symbol of the Holy Ghost (Phallus in most sublimated form)

  • When ideas so sublime become vulgarized they fail to exhibit the symbol with lucidity

Formula of the Tetragrammaton: (name of God) represents God producing Something from Nothing. God Himself is referred to as “Ain”, which is Hebrew for “Not”, or “Nothing”.

  • The Yod represents the emanation of a general, all-encompassing spiritual Substance out of Divine Nothingness.
  • Second, the first Heh represents the definition of particular qualities within this general Substance.
  • Vav represents the separation and recombination of these qualities to form basic compounds and ideal Forms according to which material existence is ultimately manifested.
  • Manifestation itself is represented by the final Heh.
  • Crowley sees this pattern in traditions of succession of the King through his daughter and King by right of conquest. Tales which reflect this pattern: Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Enchanted Princess, and Aladdin. (Also biblical representation of the Holy Ghost, Mary the Virgin, The Son, and Mary Magdalena)
  • He is the All-Wandering Spirit, the Pure and Perfect Knight-Errant, who answers all Enigmas, and opens the closed Portal of the King’s Daughter.

Ogdoad: Ancient Egyptian creation myth; system of eight dieties (four represented completeness). Each pair of male and female represents a greater whole unto itself:

  • Nun and Naunet; primeval waters (Nun, the sometimes hermaphroditic god of the waters, and Naunet the seldomly personified goddess of the sky above it)
  • Heh and Hauhet; eternity, infinity, unendingness, time (sometimes forces of chaos, possibly representing the currents of the primeval waters)
  • Kuk and Kuaket (sometimes Gereh and Gerehet); darkness
  • Amun and Amunet (later replaced by Nia and Niat); air, and that which is unseen, nothingness and invisibility, gods of the void
  • The gods were depicted with frog’s heads, and the goddess’ with serpent’s.
  • These elements interacted to create the Isle of Flame
  • World was born from a cosmic egg, sometimes created by the Ogdoad, sometimes layed by one of the creation/sun gods in guise of a sacred bird. The egg was invisible as there was no light, and from this egg one of various sun gods is born. In some legends it is a lotus flower (represents Yoni), not an egg.

Sebek, the crocodile: creator god who rose from the “Dark Waters”, or primeval waters of Nun. Layed eggs on the bank of the Nile (which he made from his sweat) to create the worlds.

Unprovided with the means of perpetuating his species, thus a symbol of the maximum of creative energy.

Considered an aspect of Horus (who turned into a crocodile to retrieve Osiris’s body parts from the Nile), and yet it was told Sebek was present with Isis his birth.

Also worshipped as a manifestation of Amun-Re (headdress of Amun or solar disk of Ra). Carried Was septre (power) and Ankh (breath of life)

Hoor-Pa-Kraat: ( har-par-khered ) Horus the Child. Harpocrates is the God of Silence. In Kopi af 0. The Foolhis manifestation, he is not One, but Two; he is only One because he is 0. Eheieh, his divine name, which signifies ‘I Shall Be’ is a way of saying he is not; One leads to nowhere, where it came from. There is as yet no more than the impulse, which is unformulated; only through interpretation does it become the Word (Atu I.) He is a babe, innocent and not yet arrived at puberty. It is dawn – the hint of light about to come, but not by any means that light.

The babe is in an egg of blue (celestial mother). This babe has, in a way, not yet been born. The egg sits upon a lotus (Yoni), which grows upon the Nile (father), which fertilizes Egypt (mother). But the Nile is also home to the crocodile, who threatens Harpocrates. (Dualist symbol of the crocodile).

Etimology: le mat from Italian Matto (madman or fool) or Mat for Maut, Ancient Egyptian vulture goddess.

Fool derived from ‘follis’ = wind bag.

Silly = empty from German ‘selig’ = holy.

Maut: Egyptians believed vultures to be nurturing; the word for mother and vulture are both Mwt. It was believed that there were no male griffon vultures, except sometimes Maut.

“Mut, Who Givith Birth, But Was Herself Not Born of Any”

Mut replaced Amun’s earlier wife, Amunet (the invisible goddess) during the middle kingdom.

“Mother of the Sun in Whom He Rises”

When Amun merged with Ra, she became “Eye of Ra”, daughter of Ra (Mother, Daughter, sometimes Father)

Spiral neck, spiral universe.

Represents similar ideas as Nuith.

Reproduces by intervention of wind.

The “Great Fool” of the Celts (Dalua): Salvation, whatever salvation means, is not to be obtained on any reasonable terms. Reason is damnation; only divine madness offers an issue.

A mad stranger as an angel in disguise.

A saviour is needed, and he must not be an ordinary man.

Preferably disguised in non human form.

“The Rich Fisherman” Percivale: Crowley’s interpretation of Parsifal is intended to illustrate the sacred nature of sex. He makes a reference to the Gnosis of the ninth degree of the O.T.O., which he also makes painfully clear is a secret to those not initiated.

To redeem the whole situation, to destroy death, he has only to plunge the Lance into the Holy Grail; he redeems not only Kundry, but himself.

In Liber DCCXI Crowley writes: It may be undertaken for the direct object of continuing the race. It may be undertaken in obedience to real passion; for passion is inspired by a force of divine strength and beauty without the will of the individual, often even against it. It is the “idle” use, or rather abuse, of these forces which constitutes their profanation.

Zeus Arrhenothelus: Images of this god recure in alchemy. It is hardly possible to describe this lucidly; the idea pertains to a faculty of mind which is “above the abyss”; all two-headed eagles with symbols clustered over them indicate this idea. The original sense seems to be that the original God is both male and female.

Dionysus Zagreus. Bacchus Diphues: In this case it is convenient to treat them as one. Zagreus is the horned god, torn to pieces by the Titans. His father Zeus, and mother Demeter, made him fruit of the union of heaven and earth, and identifies him with Vau of the Tetragrammaton. Bacchus Diphues, characteristic of ecstatic worship, wine, surrounded by companions insane with enthusiasm. Born of the union between Semele and Zeus in the form of a lightning strike which destroyed the mortal woman. The boy was saved, and kept in Zeus’ thigh (phallus) until puberty, and Hera drove the boy mad for her husband’s infidelity.

He is depicted with a drunken face and languid penis which connects him to the myth of the crocodile.

He is depicted with the tiger leaping at him from behind, and the crocodile with it’s mouth open, waiting in front. He is said to have ridden an ass, which connects him with Priapus, who is said to have been his son by Aphrodite.

  • Over time, worship of Bacchus (partially for being orgiastic) melded with that of the Fool. He came to be represented with a fool’s cap, phallic in nature, and clad in motley (as were Jesus, and Joseph before him). This symbolism is not only Mercurial, but Zodiacal.

Hebrew Letter: Aleph (א), Ox, ploughshare. Attributed to the constellation Orion.

It is curious that at the fabled birth of Jesus, the Virgin Mother is represented between an Ox and an ass.

Baphomet: Bull god, or rather Bull-Slaying god, Mithras.

Crowley described Baphomet as a divine androgyne, representative of mystical perfection through a union of opposites.

The early christians were also accused of worshipping an ass or ass-headed god, and this again is connected with the wild ass of the wilderness, the god Set, identified with Saturn and Satan (Atu XV.) He is the South, as Nuit is the North.

The Fool is also an aspect of Pan, but this idea is developed by Atu XV, whose letter is the semi-vowel A’ain, cognate with Aleph.

N: the fish is a symbol of fatherhood, motherhood, of the perpetuation of life generally. The letter N (Nun, N, in Hebrew means fish) is one of the original hieroglyphs standing for this idea, apparently because of the mental reactions excited by the continual repetition of this letter (Atu XIII).


Divinatory Interpretations:

In spiritual matters; idea, thought, spirituality, that which endeavours to transcend earth.

In material matters, it may, if badly dignified, mean folly, eccentricity, or even mania.

The essential of this card is that it represents an original, subtle, sudden impulse or impact, coming from a completely strange quarter.

All such impulses are right, if rightly received; and the good or ill interpretation of the card depends entirely on the right attitude of the Querent

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