For those who prefer to connect through Bloglovin

I set this blog up in a time when I had been “journaling” online, on a site called tumblr. Inspiration flowed through me on certain topics, and I had wanted to share.

The funny thing is that the more energy I put into wanting to share, the less I seem to have been writing! While there is probably a point here about narcissism or something similar, I have also been going through a lot of changes in my life during this time…

from losing my project and a good friend to a situation which I still don’t fully comprehend,

to an unexpected but necessary trip halfway round the world, essentially homeless a few months in a foreign country…

coming home (which is not the country I’m born in, but it is now the place I have lived the most consecutive years) only to move from the home of a close friend to what is essentially a dream project, where I can live free of charge, and with no obligation but plenty of will to work… (!)

I’m in a time of my life when so many new and interesting things are manifesting for me, and I’m being constantly challenged, and my energy is being invested, and my time is being enjoyed…


And while my life situation is moving towards material stability, my heart still burns for a community of like minded people, and still I must reach out with my virtual feelers and try to connect with those who understand the power of the wyrd…


Published by Sammyra Nyx

My personal quest is to revive the power of the collective sub-conscious! The old gods still live in our spirits, and our powers are begging to be woken!

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